Board of Registrars

Election file management consisting of voter registration, voter file maintenance and election management

Bullock County Board of Registrars

Phone: 334-738-5372

217 Prairie St N Rm 101  Union Springs AL 36089

Courthouse Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday: 8 am – 4 pm

The Board of Registrars’ main duties are to receive voter applications and to register voters. They also are available to answer questions from voters and poll works the day of an election, and receive voter rolls and Provisional Ballot Applications when the poll workers return their material after the polls close. The registrars update the records of the people who cast a vote after each election and are responsible for evaluating the Provisional Ballot Applications, and notifying the Electoral Board which Provisional Ballots should be counted when the election is certified. The registrars instruct the public on how to conduct voter drives, and also make ourselves available to local campuses for the purpose of voter education and registration. In addition, we are responsible for keeping voter records updated, and removing those voters who have moved from this county, died, or become ineligible to vote due to felony conviction involving an act of moral turpitude.